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Optimal Safe Medication Administration

The Optimal and Safe Medication Administration (OSMA) Workshop is a comprehensive, interactive 5-hour training session f...


RN Workshop

Medication management in Residential Aged Care Facilities can be complex and therefore great emphasis is placed on ensur...


Contribute to the nursing care of a person with diabetes

This course covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to provide nursing care to a person with diab...

15 Hours

Assist clients with medication

This module explores key requirements for ensuring antimicrobials are prescribed and administered according to best prac...

15 Hours

Bowel Management

Bowel management is an important aspect when caring for residents in aged care as inadequate bowel function can be assoc...


Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to become weak and fragile, increasing the risk of fractures. Fractures ca...

Appropriate use of Topical Preparations

This module discusses various types of topical preparations and different factors affecting preparation choice. Learners...

Medication Storage

This module recognises medications with short expiry after opening and explains medication storage requirements. The lea...

Deprescribing – The Key to Minimising Polypharmacy

Residents of aged care facilities often have multiple medical conditions managed by multiple medications. Ho...

Appropriate use of Antimicrobials & Common Infections in Aged Care

This module explores key requirements for ensuring antimicrobials are prescribed and administered according to best prac...

15 Hours
About MediLearn

127 years combined aged care experience. This is what we do.

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Established and managed by a team of dedicated people, with combined experience of 127 years in aged care, working together to create change and empower staff. The MediLearn team consists of Clinical Pharmacists who specialise in disease states, medication governance and aged care and who are supported by an incredible team of administrators.

MediLearn was created by a need for quality education that could be accessed by everyone, not just a few.

Providing modules that include Psychotropic Medications, Antimicrobial Stewardship and Polypharmacy in the Elderly.

Covering the management and directives in Diabetes. Focussing on the important aspects of residents in Aged Care.

Explaining the requirements and how legislation impacts on nursing practice.

Nursing assistants

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Why People Love MediLearn

Really well structured. Very pragmatic and realistic interpretation of the legislation in Aged Care. Great refresh and insight into likely adverse outcomes.


Why People Love MediLearn

I'm always grateful to all that you for our sector. You guys are amazing.


Why People Love MediLearn

So much great content!


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