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About MediLearn

Developed by those who know.

Working in aged care requires up to date and comprehensive knowledge of medications and disease states. Achieve your full potential with MediLearn, the leading platform for medication education. With a range of interactive courses and videos, you will have access to the latest medication knowledge and be equipped to succeed.

Whether you’re a registered nurse, assistant in nursing, doctor, or any other position in aged care, MediLearn has everything you need to grow and advance.

Join a dynamic community of dedicated learners and enjoy a user-friendly platform that makes learning engaging and accessible. Take control of your career and start learning with MediLearn today.

MediLearn's Vision:

Empowering Aged Care Workers Through Education

At MediLearn, our vision is to empower aged care workers by providing comprehensive education. Our goal is to support those working in age care with in their careers, helping them achieve success and make a positive impact resulting in better care for the residents.

With a commitment to excellence, accessibility, and innovation, we aim to be the leading provider of medication education and to shape the future of aged care for the better.

MediLearn's Mission:

Transforming Aged Care Education through Interactive Learning

At MediLearn, our mission is to support aged care workers in their roles to ensure residents receive safe, effective and appropriate care. When staff that fully understand all components of their role, this is when they are best placed to provide this level of care care for residents – with the mounting pressures within aged care, one thing will never change and that is the need for aged care workers to always be empowered.


MediLearn's Values:

A Commitment to Excellence, Accessibility, Innovation and Collaboration

  1. Excellence – We are dedicated to providing the highest quality medication education and strive for continuous improvement.
  2. Accessibility – We believe that learning should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or location.
  3. Innovation – We embrace new technology and methodologies to enhance the learning experience and stay ahead of the curve in medication education.
  4. Collaboration – We partner with aged care workers, organisations, allied health and government to ensure the highest standard of education.
Meet the Team

Dedicated to Aged Care

Our team of Clinical Pharmacists and experienced office professionals, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Let us assist you in your learner journey with relevant and appropriate modules of education.